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 7292: Practical Periodontics Update for Hygienists
Date & time: 24/04/2017   09:30 - 16:30
16/05/2017   09:30 - 16:30
Barts & The London Dental Institute Show PGC info  

MODULE 1 and 2: Foundations in Periodontology 1

At the end of these days delegates will:

  • Understand the medicolegal aspects of periodontal practice
  • Understand the principle aetiology and risk factors of periodontal disease

§ Understand periodontal history taking and examination

§ Understand screening, diagnosis and treatment planning of periodontal disease in general practice: interactive learning

§ Understand the limitations of our diagnostic tools

§ Strengthen their periodontal prognostic assessment

§ Understand the principles of non-surgical periodontal treatment and achieve improved results from non-surgical therapy: hands-on component



MODULE 3 and 4 – Foundations of Periodontology 2

At the end of these days delegates will:

§ Understand the use of local and systemic adjunctives in periodontal therapy: interactive learning

§ Understand the options for the management of periodontal-endodontic   lesions and furcation involvements: interactive learning

§ Understand the aims of supportive periodontal therapy 

§ Understand the interaction between periodontal health and general health

  • Understand the use of lasers and air flow therapy in periodontal therapy
Learning objectives:
  • Review the aetiology & risk factors for periodontal disease
  • Refresh skills in periodontal history taking and examination
  • Review the screening, diagnosis and treatment planning of periodontal disease in general practice
  • Refine skills in hand scaling and ultrasonic instrumentation through practical sessions.
Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

 1. Further develop and use skills in collecting, using and presenting information, problem solving and communication

2. Critically understand and use concepts, theories and current knowledge relevant to periodontology practice within the context of a changing dental care delivery scenario

3. Understand, integrate and apply concepts, theories and knowledge relevant to periodontology practice

4. Develop skills for clinical practice for the benefit of the population, the profession and personal development

5. Apply theory and knowledge to reflect on experience and to develop their own practice and recommend and implement change

6. Further develop skills and attitudes appropriate to a dentist aiming to play a role in service innovation and delivery.

Patel, Neesha
Patel, Neesha
Patel, Rupal
Role intended: Dental Hygienist
Price: £80.00
CPD hours: 12
Course type: Lecture and Hands-on (Skillslab)
Subject area(s): Periodontal therapy & management of soft tissues
Pre-course material: No pre-course reading material added yet.
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