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 8395: Oral Cancer & Oral Medicine course for CDTs
Date & time: 17/04/2019   09:30 - 16:30
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  • Be able to recognise early lesions of oral cancer & precancer
Learning objectives:
  • Know the clinical presentation of oral lichen planus & recurrent oral ulceration & understand both their management and the scientific basis of special investigations 
  • Highlight the clinical presentations, causes and management of a dry mouth, burning mouth, oral allergies & altered taste
  • Understand referral routes and processes
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand and be able to recognise variations of normal anatomy that may present in the oral cavity

    •      Be able to recognise common oral infections and understand their treatment and management options

    •      Recognise the clinical presentation of oral lichen planus and understand the rationale for investigation and long term management

    •      Recognise the clinical presentation of common types of recurrent oral ulceration and understand the rational for investigation and long term management

    •      Highlight the clinical presentations of dry mouth and understand common causes, symptoms and treatment

    •      Be able to recognise suspicious oral lesions and oral cancer

    •      Understand referral routes and pathways

Thakrar, Priya
Bajaj, Krupali
Role intended: Clinical Dental Technician
CPD hours: 6
Course type: Lecture
Subject area(s): Oral Medicine
Oral Cancer
Pre-course material: No pre-course reading material added yet.
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