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 8589: Hands on 3 Day Endodontics Course: Endodontics from start to finish
Date & time: 12/10/2020   09:30 - 16:30
26/10/2020   09:30 - 16:30
09/11/2020   09:30 - 16:30
St George's Hospital Show PGC info  

Day 1 Aim - Access and determining restorability

Day 2 Aim - Preparation and Obturation

Day 3 Aim - Obturation and ideal restoration of root filled teeth using evidence based dentiistry.

Please note this course covers three separate dates (3 day course) delegates booking on this course will be booked on all three sessions. 

Learning objectives:
  • Guidance on dismantling restorations predictably in order to assess whether a tooth is restorable.
  •  Assess the restorability of a tooth and how to communicate this to the patient 
  • Ideal Endodontic Access preparations to facilitate straight line access. 
  • How to find canals and begin initial negotiation 
  • Temporisation of teeth which have undergone-dismantling-of restorations and temporisation of endodontically treated teeth including intra canal medicaments. 
  • How to establish a glide path. 
  • How to use hand files appropriately and when to use them. 
  • How to use several types of rotary instruments including a discussion of what the participants are using in their practice and the new reciprocating files.
  • How to establish an appropriate disinfection regime
  • How to obturate using the materials at your practice and other methods of obturation. 
  • How to choose and place an appropriate core
  •  To discuss restoring an endodontically treated tooth.
  •  How to co diagnose and communicate best treatment options with patients.
Learning Outcomes:

By the end of  the course  participants will be able to assess the restorability of a tooth using a quantitative method and find canal orifices .They  will also have experience with hand/rotary file techniques and irrigating methods.

GDC Outcomes: C & D

Jasani, Vishal
Yusuf, Aaron Faizul
Role intended: Dentist
Foundation Dentist
Price: £360.00
CPD hours: 18.75
Course type: Lecture and Hands-on (Skillslab)
Subject area(s): Restoration of teeth
Pre-course material: No pre-course reading material added yet.
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